Volunteers Provide Time and Talents

Over 20 volunteers from KForce, Inc. shared their time and talents this fall. Two new flooring projects were completed in the Gateway Shelter, and the Family Center received a bright, newly painted ceiling. KForce also assisted in hanging drywall and adding fresh paint to the Samara House. In addition to their generous donations of time and talent, they provided breakfast and lunch for residents, clients, and staff. Sincere appreciation is extended to all KForce, Inc. staff for their generous gifts of time and talents!

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House of Blues – Performing Arts Center

November 2015
House of Blues participates in
P.U.L.L. community literacy program

In coordination with AHHAH, the Coatesville Areas School District and Open Jar Studios, students from the CYWA House of Blues Performing Arts Center provided a ‘Literacy Presentation’ including dance, music performance and storytelling at the Lincoln University Coatesville Campus.

All schools in the district (elementary, middle and high school) were represented to promote P.U.L.L (Pop Up Lending Libraries) in the Coatesville Area, supporting the importance of reading at or above grade level, thereby improving literacy among our youth.


The House of Blues Performing Arts Center was developed by an idea from staff, detailed by teens, and designed by volunteers.

The purpose of the House of Blues Performing Arts Center is to provide instruction, guidance and performing opportunities for the Coatesville community in the areas of Music, Dance, Theater, Visual Arts & Technology while cultivating the importance of education, employment and community involvement.

The development of a positive lifestyle while reaching for personal goals, as well as understanding the negative effects of drug use and adverse behaviors have on their potential is paramount to the process.

The House of Blues Performing Arts Center Youth Program provides after school, weekend and summer camp activities for youth, in a fun, constructive, instructional, and cultural environment. Adult programs are also similar in structure and available as needed.

The following are part of this innovative program:

  • Music appreciation through listening and studying the cultural background
  • Private Music lessons, vocal and instrumental group ensembles
  • Cultural foods through education, preparation, and serving
  • A venue to perform, as an individual or group in a professional theater setting
  • A multi track recording studio for participants to utilize and record their music
  • Video recording/editing equipment and software for creating visual media
  • ‘Open Mic’ nights




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Working Together to Fight Hunger

Working together to help fight hunger is something all of us should continue to do on a daily basis.  As a non-profit organization, the CYWA programs depend on the generous donations from the community. Local schools and businesses provide key elements used in some of our meals and snacks. Donations help provide food items that our children may not receive in their home. Healthy meals help children to learn better and grow into healthy adults.


Donations can be picked up at your location. We thank you for your generosity!

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CYWA Community Events

The CYWA community food giveaway starts on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. Each week, all clients may receive a bag of fresh produce in addition to each month, receiving eligible perishable and non-perishable food items from the Food Cupboard. Bags of food are given to clients based on family size. 20,000 pounds of food is given away annually.  Clothing and household items are also available during the food giveaway

The Food cupboard is also open by appointment for clients that need an emergency food bag. We provide food to 50 to 100 families weekly. We receive government funded food on a monthly basis, but without the support of the community & donations we would not be able to feed all of the families that participate in this program.

A special thanks to the 15 regular volunteers who assist during the food giveaway. The following items are needed on a regular basis: beds, other furniture, household items, food, bed bug covers and pillow covers, linens, toiletries, formula, diapers, coats, hats, and gloves.






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Samara House

Although chemical dependency is a progressive and potentially fatal disease, we believe it is a treatable disease. Samara House is the most comprehensive drug treatment program in the area. We specialize in heroin addicted mothers and their newborns. Our objective is to restore addicted women to the community, substance free, and to help their children learn to function in healthy ways.   Our applicants must either be pregnant, or be accompanied by up to two children, and be willing to develop a family reunification plan. We are state licensed by the Department of Health, division of Drug and Alcohol. We also have two transitional houses.

Starting with the initial medical examination, to the final re-entry phase which may last from three to six months, we provide the family with structure that gives hope and a better life for both the children and the mother through the treatment and environment. Samara House utilizes the Living in Balance Curriculum, the Twelve Step Programs as well as individual treatment plans. Since opening in 1991, the Samara House has served 657 clients with a 79% recovery rate.

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Gateway Shelter

The CYWA Gateway Shelter provides temporary shelter and refuge to homeless women and their children, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Women and their children, and single women, seeking help because of poverty, abandonment, abuse, mental health and addiction challenges receive intensive case management services to move them into self-sufficiency and independence. The Gateway Shelter has also sheltered four custodial fathers and their children and several intact families with children.
Safe shelter, access to a bath and kitchen facilities, food, clothing, employment assistance, childcare, and a plan for their future are offered to all Gateway residents. Each family is given a bed, new pillow, new sheets, toiletries, and a blanket. The majority of Gateway residents include the most vulnerable of the homeless population, children under the age of 5.
From January 1 to September 30th, the Gateway Shelter provided housing for 85% of Chester County homeless families and provided transitional housing for 70% of families. The CYWA assisted 75 % of families in Chester County in locating permanent housing and finding rental assistance programs.
Due to federal budget cuts, the Shelter has received a 50% cut in funding. Private donations are essential to the sheltering of homeless families. We really appreciate any donations that you can provide as they truly help families in their search for safe, affordable housing.
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